Supervisor : Amelia Zepeda
Phone number: (909) 884-3735

Program Description: PEARLS is a national evidence-based treatment program for depression to help create active, rewarding lives for seniors. The PEARLS Program is a highly effective method designed to reduce depressive symptoms and improve quality of life in older adults. El Sol will provide six to eight FREE in-home sessions that take place in the client’s home and focus on brief behavioral techniques.

The PEARLS Program Counselors or Home Visitors are community level experts trained in Depression, Behavioral Activation, and Problem-Solving Treatment. The Home Visitors empower individuals to take action and to make lasting changes so that they can lead more active and rewarding lives. These individuals play a key role in advancing the well-being of the communities in which they reside and serve. Their direct ties to their community help address the multiple barriers to mental health and provide resources for low-income families. This model is based on popular education theories that empowered adults through their own life experiences and challenges. In addition, this culturally viable approach has been proven to increase knowledge, promote positive behavior change, and decrease disparities.

Program Goal: Our goal is to reduce depression symptoms in seniors and empower them to take control of their lives. We teach seniors to accept their limitations and illnesses, and to not allow that to prevent them from living fulfilling lives.

Program Requirements:
Live in San Bernardino or surrounding cities
Be at least 65 years old

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