The CHW is there, side by side with the community members so they will be prepared to make their own changes when they’re ready. Not telling them what to do, but being there to support them.
– Alex Fajardo, Executive Director

“When I took the course, I learned that what I was feeling wasn’t wrong or shameful.” The experience was transformational for Silvia. “Instead of arguing and fighting, I changed my attitude” I started to take things more calmly and was feeling better. The empowering process of El Sol’s workshop helped me to cope better with my troubles.”

“The community health worker transformed my point of view towards mental health, I learned so much from the workshops.”
– Community Member

“With new approaches to medical funding and accountability under healthcare reform, community-based health promotion will be an increasingly important strategy for bridging the gap between the community and the medical system,”
– J.C. Belliard of Loma Linda University’s School of Public Health.

‘Thank you El Sol For your program, for helping a lot of families and the kids get prepare to start school’
– Maria, Community Member

Querido equipo de Life Coach quiero agradecer primeramente que hayan creado este programa, ys que somos muchas familias las que estamos siendo muy beneficiadas de esta gran labor que estan desempeñando… A mi en lo personal me ha ayudado mucho en tener prioridades, enfocarme, y ser mas perseverante en mis metas.’
– Teresa, Community Member

‘Los exhortamos a que continuen contribuyendo a elevar el nivel academico de nuestros hijos que son el futuro de este gran pais.’
– Familia Vazquez, Community Members

“Funders will see that we’re not just coming to them for funding, we’re asking them to support what we’re already doing.”
– Alexander Fajardo