El Sol Neighborhood Educational Centers

After more than two decades, El Sol is still going strong. Starting from modest deeds and humble beginnings, El Sol has grown ever since. El Sol began in 1991 under the leadership of Lilia Ramirez along with founding members Gil Navaro and Marlon Portillo. It began as English as second language (ESL) classes and blossomed. From helping marginalized immigrants overcome language and cultural obstacles, El Sol has become much more under the tutelage of Susana Negrete the successor of Lilia Ramirez. Under Susana, El Sol has become one of two agencies in the region to who has the accreditation to offer preparation courses for the U.S citizenship exam. This accomplishment had come from a women who herself was a student in ESL courses.

Since the past eighteen years, El Sol has maintained the proper education and principles by using the Community Health Worker model. This allows not only the community, but individuals to have the education to face difficulties that the community may experience. With such programs covering Nutrition, mental Health, Domestic Violence and many more, the community members are better able to understand and find support.

Ever since its inception in 1991, El Sol continues to stay on their goal of empowering the community and help them lead healthy and comfortable lives. The use of community health workers(CHWs), allows the community access to health care, safe and affordable housing and opportunities for education to remove the disparities.

In the upcoming years, El Sol promises to bring a deepen and broaden the impact covering the spectrum of prevention. Using the framework of community-level work, family and individuals, El Sol is methodically advancing the opportunities and support in the fields of health promotion, impact service delivery systems and advocacy of system policy change.

Please join us in our journey in helping and supporting our community and its members for decades more to come.